LOOPBAK, LLC. is an Information Technology and Services company focused on delivering consulting, managed services and support to businesses of all sizes. Our focus is to help customers manage their IT environment both on-premise and in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud so they can focus on their core business.

About Us

LOOPBAK, LLC. was originally incorporated in Seattle, Washington on November 2011 as BOOM USA, Inc. BOOM USA focused on providing IT infrastructure services for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Oracle Business Intelligence. Our customers and strategic partners began requesting assistance with systems support (Windows & Linux), database administration, network and infrastructure support, and cloud adoption and migration services.

We listened, and LOOPBAK, LLC. was created.

LOOPBAK, LLC. was created to assist our customers and strategic partners with a wide range of IT solutions and services to help reduce their capital costs, and eliminate the need to find and hire qualified IT employees to assist with their IT requirements. We can provide specialized IT services for all your needs.

Our team is comprised of US-based resources strategically located in three time zones to quickly assist our customers.

Our service offerings are divided into two tracks:

  • AWS Cloud Solutions & Services (ROOTS)
  • On-Premise Solutions & Services (BOOM)

This allows us to put our focus on the specific services of our customers, as we strive to deliver the highest quality solutions our customers need.

The Infinity Symbol

You may have noticed that LOOPBAK, ROOTS, and BOOM all have an infinity symbol “∞” incorporated into their logos.

Every day, we look for ways to improve our methods and processes for our customers. Since our incorporation in 2011, we have always focused on our relationships with clients and strategic partners. It is this client-centered culture that we hope will create an infinite (never-ending) relationship with whomever we work with. We are not looking just to “get the job done” and move on to the next client; we want everyone to be 100% satisfied. Many clients have chosen to work with us again and again after our first project with them. To us, the infinity sign signifies never standing still, and continuously working hard to benefit our customers.


ROOTS Web Services is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions provider assisting companies and governments of all sizes to integrate cloud computing into their IT and business strategies. Our team can help across every stage of your AWS cloud journey, which includes planning, designing, building, migrating, running, and optimizing your AWS cloud ecosystem.

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BOOM Global Services is an IT solutions service providing IT managed services and on-demand support to corporate and government entities. Our experienced team can assist with architecture & design, Windows/Linux/Unix administration, database administration, virtualization design, support and more. We help to reduce capital expenditure and the need for full-time IT staff by offering our on-demand IT support.

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Measuring Success

Companies often measure their success by the amount of revenue they have generated. We measure success by the number of customers we have helped, and the strong relationships we have created. The satisfaction of hearing positive feedback regarding our services from our customers is priceless.

The indicators for measuring our success on each project are:
Quality of Service + Project Delivery + Extreme Customer Satisfaction = Long Lasting Customer Relationships

We are in business to ensure our customers’ success.

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